About the show

Plain English is an exciting new way to supplement your English learning, keep your skills active, and have fun at the same time. Learners of all levels can accelerate their progress and reinforce their skills. By listening to Plain English, you can:

  • Listen to the audio podcast each week
  • Read along with the transcripts online
  • Study the key words and phrases highlighted in the show
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The show is published each week and contains a selection of current events, a discussion about the topics raised in the story, and a review of vocabulary and expressions used in the show.

How to Listen

Plain English is the perfect resource for students who want to listen to an authentic English program and understand the whole thing.

By listening to a show at a slower speed, and with a transcript available, listeners gain new confidence, build their skills, and have fun.

Listening tips

There are many ways to use the Plain English podcast as a student:

  • Listen and read along at the same time
  • Listen a second time without the transcript to see how much you recognize
  • Read the transcript out loud and compare your pronunciation to the recording
  • Take notes on usage and grammar
  • Wait a few days and listen again to see what you remember

Beginners should concentrate on listening to the show, reading along, and associating the words you hear with the transcript. Use the interactive transcript and look up unfamiliar words. Intermediate learners can practice pronunciation by reading the transcripts out loud after listening. Are you more advanced? In that case, try listening without the transcript to see how much you understand. Use the transcript later to confirm your understanding.

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