An English-language podcast at the right speed for learners

You’ve probably heard that listening is a great way to learn a new language–but you probably also know that television shows, movies, radio programs, and podcasts go too fast for learners to truly understand or learn very much.

Plain English is different. The program is spoken at the right speed for intermediate learners and each episode comes with a full word-for-word transcript. For Spanish-speaking students, the transcript features interactive translations of key words and phrases.

There is nothing more frustrating for learners than listening to something they cannot understand. The combination of slower, clearer speaking; word-for-word transcripts; and instant Spanish translations means that beginning and intermediate learners can listen to the whole program, without stopping, and understand everything.

To listen, check the web site each week or subscribe to the free podcast feed via iTunes, Google Play or your favorite podcasting app.

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