Database Development

Computers in Plain English, Inc. is a computer consulting and software development company. It designs specific database applications for its clients and has several commercial programs which are in use throughout the United States.

We developed and continue to maintain the enforcement database for the popular DoNotCall list for the State of Indiana.

Representative specific vertical applications developed for Major Corporations:

  • Time Billing system installed on a network. Components include, but are not limited to:
  • Scripts for departmental and accounting office reports
  • Reports to evaluate employee time, time allotted to clients and others
  • Data Security Access procedures
  • Manual for data entry personnel
  • Personnel Appraisal Feedback System. Components include, but are not limited to:
  • Network access for Peer, Supervisory, Subordinate and Self Appraisal
  • Scripts for Administrative evaluation
  • Reports to provide individual and summary evaluations
  • Hospital Doctor referral tracking system
  • Property Management
  • Eye Clinic Patient Database
  • Diamond Merchant Pricing database
  • Nursery School and Day Care Comprehensive Record Keeping program
  • Several specific small business designs