For Teachers

Are you an educator looking for homework assignments or discussion topics with your students? Do your students know a lot of English but struggle with listening comprehension at normal speed? Complement your lessons with Plain English.

By listening to Plain English with your students, you can:

  • Provide your students with a spoken resource that is geared specifically toward the learner. Many audio programs geared toward native speakers include slang, hesitations, interruptions, and ungrammatical speech that can distract new learners. Of course, your students will eventually have to understand English at a native’s speed, but while they are still getting there, Plain English is a great way to build confidence and listening comprehension skills. Plain English is professionally written and all the words are pronounced clearly and correctly, at a pace that’s just a little slower than typical speech.
How many times have you heard students say English speakers are “going too fast”? This podcast is perfect for the learner who wants a clear, spoken resource at just the right pace.
  • Provide your students with engaging, relevant content. Instead of focusing on teaching, Plain English provides a discussion of contemporary topics that can spark follow-up discussions in the classroom. Learning a new language should be about using it in rewarding and practical ways; however, many resources for learners are dry or outdated. Vocabulary and expressions are discussed at the end of the show and relate to natural content of the discussion.
Plain English may be for English learners, but it’s not about learning English. It’s about contemporary topics that will keep your students engaged in their new language.
  • Help your students build confidence. For language learners, it’s very frustrating to read a text and to have to stop frequently to look up words in a dictionary – or to skip them and not understand what’s going on. Plain English is produced so that every learner can understand the program with minimal distractions. Native Spanish speakers can take advantage of the interactive transcripts so they never have to stop to look up difficult words and phrases.
There is nothing more satisfying than reading a text or listening to a program and understanding the whole thing without once having to press “pause.”