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Endangered wild horses take refuge in Chernobyl’s ‘exclusion zone’

The Chernobyl accident – the worst nuclear accident in history – left the surrounding land permanently scarred for what scientists thought would be 20,000 years. But now, just three decades later, the radioactive land has transformed into a refuge for wild animals, and is even helping revive the last truly wild horse species. Plus, learn what it means to “fend for yourself.”

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Alone and lonely aren’t the same: navigating loneliness during a pandemic

Whether you’re at-home quarantined with your family, alone in your apartment, or just seeing the same small group of people at work from six feet away, everyone is likely seeing fewer people than normal. Weeks of social isolation has caused a surge in feelings of loneliness, but scientists have some tips to make people feel less lonely. Plus, learn the English expression “set in.”

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A wave of Korean culture is crashing over the world–and it’s amazing

South Korean pop culture is booming: from K-pop bands like BTS, to award-winning movies like Parasite, to innovative K-beauty brands that use snail extract (yes, for real) – the world can’t get enough. But how did South Korea transform from a struggling third-world country just a half century ago into a modern-day cultural powerhouse? It wasn’t an accident. Plus, learn the English expression “spring into action.”

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